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Ayuntamiento Caborca - Municipal Government

edificio municipal
The municipal building (edificio municipal) in Heroica Caborca Sonora


City officials at an event during the 6 de Abril fiestas

Caborca's Municipal Government - Ayuntamiento Caborca

Municipal governments in Sonora are presided over by a mayor (presidente municipal, or alcalde) who serves a three-year term. The current mayoral terms are from 2009 through 2012. The municipal administration’s offices are in the Caborca city hall, or edificio municipal, which is located on the corner of Calle Obregón and Avenida Quiroz y Mora in downtown Caborca.

It's important to mention that a Sonoran "municipality" is a political unit similar to a county in the U.S. Caborca is both a city and a municipality, and the area of the municipality of Caborca reaches west to the Sea of Cortez.

Caborca’s presidente municipal is C.P. Darío Murillo Bolaños. (the C.P. stands for contador publico, or public accountant). He is a member of the Partido Accion Nacional, or PAN, the same party represented by Mexican President Felipe Calderón.

Mr. Murillo is a very active, visible figure in Caborca, and his administration has been extremely effective. Even without looking at a list of official accomplishments for this administration (there are many), in addition to paving streets and making other infrastructure improvements, some notable and very visible activities and improvements that I have observed are:

The establishment of a civic symbol based on the ancient petroglyphs that abound in the area. The symbol not only helps to establish identity for Caborca, but connects modern-day Caborca to its history.

The establishment of tourist police – tourism is very important to Caborca, and these ambassadors are visible symbols of that commitment.

Very active sponsorship of cultural and artistic events – coordinated by Profesora Maricela Sánchez Ramírez, the city’s Director of Civic and Cultural Action. A crowning jewel of this has been the expansion and improvement of the city’s annual 6 de Abril fiestas. The fiestas now include an abundance of cultural events, to include top-level entertainment, and its promotion was excellent – typically it is difficult to get details for such an event until a few days before the event, but the itinerary for the 6 de Abril fiestas was published weeks in advance, and Mr. Murillo himself tirelessly traveled around Sonora to promote the events, which were fantastic.

An investment into citizens’ fitness, through the improvement of city parks and recreational facilities. This included a new skate park and improvements to two of the city’s “unidad deportivas” (sports complexes) to include improved walking paths and outdoor exercise equipment. Click here to see more photos of the sports complexes.

We congratulate Caborca Municipal President Dario Murillo and the members of the Caborca city administration for their accomplishments in improving the city of Caborca and the lives of its citizens, and wish them continued success.

Click here to visit the city website and read more about the ongoing accomplishments of the city government.


City officials at a cultural event on the Day of the Dead

Caborca's edificio municipal

Caborca Presidente Municipal Darío Murillo Bolaños

Edificio municipal

Heroica Caborca municipal government building

Heroica Caborca municipal government building

Heroica Caborca municipal government building
Edificio Municipal mural by Caborca artist Nereo Galileo De La Peña
Edificio Municipal mural by Caborca artist Nereo Galileo De La Peña

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